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Meet Emberle L. Pearson

Paving the way for stress free, financially responsible adults, through personalized monthly budget plans.

ELP Budgeting Services founder, Emberle Pearson, PE graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University in Mechanical Engineering. She received her Master’s degree from North Carolina State University in Mechanical Engineering. Emberle specializes in money management, serving on non-profit financial boards, providing direction and counsel. Her long-standing love for helping others combined with her love for numbers, and engineering coding abilities led to the formation of ELP Budgeting Services.

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule your personalized 20 minute consultation to determine which budgeting package is best for achieving your financial goals.

Step 2

Fill out two short documents.

Step 3

Receive personalized monthly budget plans detailing exactly what to pay and save when.

Our experience and vision bring you the best service we offer.

Our Services

Personalized consultations are available to discuss client concerns, financial goals and an in-depth discussion of ELP Budgeting Services method of attack to achieve client success. The consultations require zero preparation or leg work from the client.
Are you looking to make a large purchase like a home or a car? Are you unsure how much you can afford? ELP Budgeting Services affordability analyses will help you determine the right amount to spend that won’t break the bank. This service is available to current ELP Budgeting Services clients.
The standard monthly budgeting package is focused on teaching the client money management and how to adhere to a budget given one’s current financial situation. This package is sold in three month increments which allows better planning for unexpected expenses and provides the opportunity to begin paying expenses ahead of time.

The debt cancellation program is a yearlong budgeting program aimed at the maximum debt cancellation possible. It includes a full debt analysis to determine the quickest path to debt freedom. The program is rigorous and will include recommendations to minimize expenses in order to maximize the rate of debt cancellation.

The investment focused budgeting package is for clients who are familiar with following a budget. The budgeting package will assist the client in saving up the recommended amount of emergency savings. Once the client has a satisfactory emergency fund, the budgets will allocate money to be applied toward client predetermined investment avenues. The investment focused budgeting package is sold in three month increments.

Have Questions?

We have answers! Check out our FAQ where we can answer any questions you may have. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for please contact us!