ELP University

ELP Budgeting Services is committed to financial education and financial coaching provided through a year-long ELP University membership. ELP University provides a solution for the more private client simply looking for the accountability of a financial coach and the loyal budgeting client seeking more intensive progress tracking.

Through our virtual, 1-On-1, personalized financial coaching sessions we are able to connect with the client and provide valuable financial education. Our clients find that an essential benefit of ELP University is the ability to reach out to our team, at any time, for financial counsel beyond their budgeting plans. If a client is faced with a major financial decision or monumental life change impacting finances, ELP University allows the client to make educated decisions with the help of the ELP team. Think therapy and counseling for finances!

Also included in each ELP University membership is unlimited access to all ELP Budgeting e-courses and e-books. ELP University is included in GEN-WEALTH Budgeting Program.

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