How we saved $70,000 in just 13 months!

Prior to launching ELP Budgeting Services, we embarked on own budgeting journey to save for a down payment for our new home. We went from saving $50 in one month to over $70,000 in just 13 months, simply by trusting the ELP Budgeting Services method. Now it’s your turn to Earn. Live. Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

ELP Budgeting Services owner, Emberle Pearson, cares above all about helping her clients succeed at their financial goals. Our budgeting plans are formulated with sophisticated engineering coding that weigh individual goals and variables. The resulting budget plans are unique to each individual and each monthly goal. We work closely with the client throughout the month as opposed to providing annual plans and leaving change up to the client to solve.

You need absolutely nothing to begin besides desire to change your financial future. Once you sign up we will provide the necessary items to get started.
No, we have clients worldwide. All services and consultations are provided via internet and telephone.
We offer minimal and individualized pricing based on client needs. Schedule your phone consultation today for pricing.
Budgeting is a way of life. We recommend our clients remain on a budget indefinitely. We will help you to allocate funds for each new ELP Budgeting Services Package. Even with the same expenses each month, your budget will change monthly based on many variables. We take out all the thinking involved in personalized budgeting so attaining your financial goals is simple.

Schedule Your Consultation

Our consultations offer a personalized introduction to the ELP Budgeting Services method and our available services. Together, we will determine which budgeting package will best address the client’s goals. The consultation requires zero client preparation and presents the opportunity for specific questions to be answered.