GEN-WEALTH Budgeting Program

The ultimate goal of budgeting and financial planning is to achieve generational wealth. We at ELP Budgeting Services developed a 12-month budgeting program aimed at total wealth generation and wealth protection. We initiate the program by having a 1-on-1 virtual meeting with the client to assess their current financial standing. The results of the initial meeting allow us to personalize a step by step plan to help our clients achieve generational wealth. The program is designed with the beginner investor in mind and equips each client with the tools to independently invest.

Three of our many core GEN-WEALTH planning areas include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment strategy development
  • College saving

It’s not just important to generate wealth but to protect it. We provide the tools and education for our clients to legally protect their wealth through a personalized Legacy Binder included with the GEN-WEALTH Budgeting Program.

Three of the many areas of wealth protection we focus on include:

  • Insurance policy education and organization
  • Asset and Liability Inventory
  • Estate Planning education

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