How You Could Become A Millionaire Overnight With the Click of a Button (Really)
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Too Good to be True

Usually, if it sounds to be true, it is. Except in this case. ELP Budgeting Services has discovered a way you could become a millionaire overnight. We’ve tested it and have already helped our friends discover thousands of dollars. Could you be the millionaire?

Unclaimed Funds

Perhaps the best kept secret is the unclaimed property administration established by many states including New Jersey, our home state. Every day unclaimed money owed to citizens is transferred to this fund, waiting to be discovered.

The problem arises when people have no idea they are owed money or the process to claim it. As a result, New Jersey’s unclaimed property fund is estimated to be in the billions. As a whole, citizens benefit from unclaimed funds, as they can be used to decrease state tax obligations. However, as individuals we could be losing out on millions owed to us!

How to Claim

So now that we’ve got your attention, how do you claim your money? If you have ties to New Jersey you’ll want to visit the New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration website. Once on the website, enter your first and last name and any other additional information if applicable. Click search and you’re in for a fun ride. Search for your name and then follow the prompts to “claim” your funds. It’s important to note that sometimes the address may not necessarily be yours, but instead that of an old employer, school, etc. If there’s even a remote chance it could be you, claim it. The state will verify it based on your social security number. Once you submit your claim, you’ll receive follow up instructions in your email to physically claim the money.

While you’re on the site, be sure to search relatives to which you can be considered an heir. If they’ve passed on, their unclaimed funds can possibly be inherited by you with the proper documentation.

Want to be a hero? Search all your friends and family. Let them know you’ve found them on the site and forward this blog post to provide instructions on how to claim. Maybe they’ll pay you interest if they’re the millionaire!

No ties to New Jersey? No problem! Think you have unclaimed property in another state? ELP Budgeting Services has your back. Visit and have fun searching.

Go get it!

Here at ELP Budgeting Services we like to keep it real. Most people will find they are owed on the magnitude of hundreds. It’s less likely one is owed millions, but we have seen one friend claim over $20,000 owed. Whether you’re owed hundreds, thousands, or millions, it’s more than you had before we caught you up on game. Its yours, now go get it!