Personalized, Quality Budgeting Services

At ELP Budgeting Services, we offer a wide variety of services such as:

  • Standard Budgeting and Money Management Plans: Do you need help managing your money? Not sure where all your money is going? Living paycheck to paycheck? Our personalized monthly budgeting plans tell you exactly what to pay, save and when to do it.
  • Debt Cancellation Program: A 12-month budgeting program aimed at the maximum amount of debt cancellation possible in the shortest amount of time. The program includes a comprehensive debt analysis report, detailing client debt statistics before and after the program.
  • GEN-WEALTH Budgeting: A 12-month budgeting program aimed at total wealth generation and protection. Investing, wealth protection insurance, and retirement allocations are just some features of the program. ELP University is included in this package.
  • Affordability Analyses: Saving for a big-ticket item such as a home? The time to determine affordability is prior to making the purchase. Our affordability analyses consider multiple scenarios to help you make the best financial decision.
  • ELP University: Virtual, 1-On-1, personalized financial coaching. Unlimited access to all ELPBS e-courses and e-books. Included in GEN-WEALTH program.
  • Investing 101 Course: Do you understand the importance of investing but don’t know where to start? Our virtual one-on-one course will walk you through the basics of investing and provide the ability to strategically invest independently.
  • Speaking Engagements: We love to provide financial literacy through education. Having an event or engagement? We can tailor to your needs.

Have Questions?

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