Standard Monthly Budgeting and Money Management Program

We understand the term “budget” can be scary, but with ELP Budgeting Services it
doesn’t have to be. Our standard budgeting and money management plans are
designed with the beginner in mind. Not sure where all your money is going? Living
paycheck to paycheck? Every ELP Budgeting Services budget indicates exactly what
the client should pay, save and when to do it. Picture a pay day where you don’t have to think about what needs to be paid when and how you’re going to save a portion of it. With us, it can be your reality.

Our standard budgeting plans are available in three-month increments. Planning client
finances three months at a time allows us to get clients months ahead on expenses
leaving time to account for pop-up expenses without derailing financial goals. Each plan is made considering the client indicated monthly savings goal. We are committed to removing the stress associated with finances. As a courtesy, after the first package purchase, we budget in the next package purchase as if it’s another expense. This method has proven beneficial because our clients are never without a budget and their finances are planned months in advance. Once our standard package clients grow comfortable, we transition them to one of the following goal-oriented budgeting programs.

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