6 Steps to Financially Get Out of Your Own Way: Join The “A-List”



At ELP Budgeting Services we are fortunate to speak with many different people. In the past month of consultations, we’ve repeatedly heard, “I just need to get it together.” Yes, we happen to agree, however it’s not always easy to “just get it together”. Perhaps you’re realizing another year is drawing to a close and you haven’t achieved those financial New Year’s resolutions. Can we let you in on a little secret? We’ve been there. It’s like having all the ingredients but not baking the cake. Let’s bake and get the cake.

Join the “A-List”

Our team has gathered an “A-List” of 6 Steps to Financially Get Out of Your Own Way. You’ll transform your finances if you join in on this A-List.

  1. ADMIT

To join the A-list one must first admit improvement is needed. This step is so important. Humility is the beginning of wisdom. Admission allows you to set the stage for improvement. Do you overspend? Admit it. Are you stressed living paycheck to paycheck? Admit it. Have you amassed too much debt? Admit it. Don’t know where to start? Admit it.

In our ELP Budgeting Services consultations, we essentially walk potential clients through this step in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


Once admission happens, we can assess where we are compared to where we need to be. An example of assessing is making a list of all accumulated debt. We won’t act like this step isn’t a bit stressful. However, assessing the financial state after admission catapults one to act.

Overwhelmed? ELP Budgeting Services provides clients with a questionnaire that makes the assessment stage easy peesy.

  1. ACT

Act on a plan to improve upon the assessment stage discoveries. You need a plan. The plan should address exactly how the admission will change. Living paycheck to paycheck? The plan should include a detailed budget. An effective “act” stage includes distinct steps to achieve the goal.

Bad action plan: “I will stop overspending on food.”

Better action plan: “I will budget $30 for eating out each week.”


Adjusting the plan is an essential step that is often overlooked. Observe what is working and not working and adjust accordingly. Were you overzealous in your monthly savings goal? Dial back to a more realistic goal. Don’t underestimate the power of quick wins.


Clap for yourself! Celebrate milestones! We get so caught up trying to achieve a goal, we forget to celebrate on the way to the goal. Did you follow a budget for one whole month after previously living check to check? Applaud yourself! Did you go one week without using your credit card? Celebrate! ELP Budgeting Services clients who extend grace to themselves and recognize even small wins are more likely to reach their financial goals.

  1. AGAIN

The journey to financial freedom never ends; it just changes. When we first started budgeting, we simply wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck. We achieved that goal and repeated the process by “admitting” to another area that needed improvement: our debt. Achieve a goal and run through the A-List again and again. Never stop improving your financial future.

We got you.

In conclusion, while we can guarantee joining the “A-List” will help you achieve your goals, we understand it can be an overwhelming, time-consuming process. ELP Budgeting Services will gladly streamline the process and coach you through achieving every financial goal. Let’s talk about it.